Zurich Pride Festival - Volunteers wanted!


This year we will be present at the Zurich Pride Festival (9/10 June) together with LGBT student associations from whole Switzerland. Not only will we attend the parade together, with a wagon, but we will have a booth together as well – where you will be able to do bodypainting!

If you're looking for a bed in Zurich during the Pride *or* if you want to host someone at your place, then please sign up here:


If you want to be present at our booth and give informations about our associations to interested people or if you want to help with bodypainting, then sign up here:


Moreover, z&h will help network and wybernet with the bar. We're looking for some volunteers and some bakers among you. Your help is appreciated and helps the association and finances our booth together with the other student organisations.

Volunteering at the bar:


Bringing cakes et cetera (sweet & salty):


Thanks a lot for your help, it is highly appreciated. We can't wait to have a great Pride with all of you and to see you at the Festival!

If you have questions, write us an email.